The Prenatal Academy

What is included:

  • 8-Week Strength Program

    2 x 30-minute workouts each week. Follow-along workout style. All levels and trimesters welcome!

  • Email Support

    I'll check in with you every week. Ongoing support by email to ensure you get the most out of your 8-week journey.

  • BONUS: Weekly Live Zoom Q+A

    This is your opportunity to ask Jenni any questions live and connect with other women doing the program. Sessions run Wednesday 11:00-11:30 am.

  • BONUS: Private Facebook Group

    Access to a members-only private Facebook Group. Connect with other women who are doing the program or have completed it in the past, post questions, share motivation and accountability.

The Prenatal Academy

Your 8-week prenatal exercise program.

By the end of the program, you will have: a) built a strong foundation to stay fit throughout your pregnancy and prepare you for delivery, b) contributed to improved health outcomes for you and baby, and c) positioned yourself to more effectively return to exercise after baby.

The Prenatal Academy is a fraction of the cost of traditional personal training sessions.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Terms and Conditions

    • Consent

  • 2


    • Welcome to The Prenatal Academy!

    • Red Flag Symptoms and Exercise Guidelines

    • Safe Exercise Intensity

  • 3

    Week 1

    • Class 1: Preparing Your Body & Connecting To Your Muscles

    • Class 2: Full Body Workout

  • 4

    Week 2

    • Class 3: Lower Body 1

    • Class 4: Upper Body & Core 1

  • 5

    Week 3

    • Class 5: Lower Body 2

    • Class 6: Upper Body & Core 2

  • 6

    Week 4

    • Class 7: Lower Body 3

    • Class 8: Upper Body & Core 3

  • 7

    Week 5

    • Class 1 Take Two: Reconnect

    • Class 2 Take Two: Full Body Workout

  • 8

    Week 6

    • Class 3 Take Two: Lower Body 1

    • Class 4 Take Two: Upper Body & Core 1

  • 9

    Week 7

    • Class 5 Take Two: Lower Body 2

    • Class 6 Take Two: Upper Body & Core 2

  • 10

    Week 8

    • Class 7 Take Two: Lower Body 3

    • Class 8 Take Two: Upper Body & Core 3

  • 11

    Congratulations, you did it!

    • HURRAY!


  • What equipment do I need? Can I do this workout from home, or do I need access to a gym?

    The only equipment you need is a set of light-medium weights (i.e. 5-10 pounds) and a yoga mat. The program is designed so you can do it right from home! All recordings are even done in my own very simple home gym.

  • How long are the workouts?

    Each workout is 30 minutes long, including a warm up and a short stretch.

  • What format are the workouts in? (i.e. written plan, PDF, video)

    The workouts are pre-recorded follow-along style videos. This means I'm right there on the video screen, guiding you through it step by step! You can also join our Weekly Live Zoom sessions to ask questions about the workouts and connect with others doing the program.

  • I'm new to strength training. Can I still join this program?

    Yes! The program is designed for all levels. I welcome beginners, as well as experienced athletes. It is so important to start slowly and with the basics, which is what Week 1 is all about. From there, we scale things up and you can take any progressions or regressions according to your abilities and how your body is feeling.

  • I'm 30 weeks pregnant... can I still do this program?

    Absolutely. You can start this program whether you are 10 weeks or 30 weeks pregnant. It is designed to support you no matter which trimester of pregnancy you are in, with the appropriate modifications and stretches provided in each workout.

  • Are the workouts diastasis safe?

    Yes!! This program is designed to support you in minimizing and/or managing abdominal separation, also known as diastasis recti. Always check with your primary healthcare provider prior to beginning an exercise program.